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Namespaces introduction will change PHP drastically

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Subject:Namespaces introduction will change...
Summary:Please get involved in these matters, it will affect us all
Author:Martin Alterisio
Date:2007-12-10 23:55:30
Update:2008-11-06 14:35:06

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Picture of Martin Alterisio Martin Alterisio - 2007-12-10 23:55:30
I've come to realize, in these latest days, that the impact of namespaces introduction is much more than I expected to be. It's imperative that as many developers get involved in the discussion before an action is taken that may be regretted later.

Please start reviewing what has been going on the internals mailing list and what's already been added to the manual on the subject: ...

Also, if you can, please involve as many other developers as possible.

PS: I'll expose my point of view on these matters later, so that I do not bias your opinion with mine. Please get informed as much as you all can so we can discuss further.

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