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Summary:building of a dynamic mysql query.
Author:Abdul Qadir
Date:2008-04-28 04:47:54
Update:2008-05-12 11:21:54

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Picture of Abdul Qadir Abdul Qadir - 2008-04-28 04:47:54
Hi all,

I wish to get assistance from kind readers in a problem.In a php application,I have several options in the form of Checkboxes.Suppose there are 10 options. If I confine myself to only 2 or 3 options & if the options are consective,my mysql query is ok & works well.But if the items are chosen at random i.e option 1,option,3,option 5,option 7 etc, there are diffeculties in building mysql query.

$query="select option1,option3,option7 from table1 where option1 like '%Qadir%' ";

where option1,option2 option3 are fields from table1.

I hope someone will surely extend help.

with regards.

Abdul Qadir.

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