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Subject:Insert to DB?
Summary:Database Insertion of Yahoo! Contacts
Author:Aaron Johnson
Date:2011-03-17 13:21:49

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Picture of Aaron Johnson Aaron Johnson - 2011-03-17 13:21:49
Hi, Ehsanul!

I'm really excited about this class. It's a great script and it will be very valuable for use in a project I'm currently working on. I just have one question.

I'd like to edit the test.php script to insert the first_name and emai11 values on the addressbook function into a database. I know I'm going somewhere wrong in the script that I've written, but I can't seem to locate the problem.

Please help?

Here's the link to the original script for outputting the array:

And here's my script:

The file Databs'' is called for the DB details. I can't seem to pinpoint the problem. Can you please help? I'd be forever grateful.