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Summary:automatically Import possible ?
Author:ArDa Multimedia
Date:2006-11-27 06:39:05
Update:2007-12-18 15:52:18

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Picture of ArDa Multimedia ArDa Multimedia - 2006-11-27 06:39:05
i tried your Tool and find it very useful.
What I need is a automatical Import. Is it possible to import CSV's with a simple Instruction-Line ?
such as: Quick_CSV_import(file_source="C:\Files\xxx.csv", ";", ...)
That would make the tool much more interessting for me and sure many other users

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Picture of Alexander Skakunov Alexander Skakunov - 2007-12-18 15:52:18 - In reply to message 1 from ArDa Multimedia
Do you mean starting it from a command line?

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