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handling of input rows that duplicate existing rows

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Subject:handling of input rows that...
Summary:A little work-around
Author:Alexander Skakunov
Date:2007-12-18 15:58:00

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Picture of Alexander Skakunov Alexander Skakunov - 2007-12-18 15:58:00
According to MySQL manual (, you can control the process of replcing/ignoring of duplicated rows:

The REPLACE and IGNORE keywords control handling of input rows that duplicate existing rows on unique key values:

* If you specify REPLACE, input rows replace existing rows. In other words, rows that have the same value for a primary key or unique index as an existing row. See Section 11.2.6, “REPLACE Syntax”.

* If you specify IGNORE, input rows that duplicate an existing row on a unique key value are skipped. If you do not specify either option, the behavior depends on whether the LOCAL keyword is specified. Without LOCAL, an error occurs when a duplicate key value is found, and the rest of the text file is ignored. With LOCAL, the default behavior is the same as if IGNORE is specified; this is because the server has no way to stop transmission of the file in the middle of the operation.

To make this happen, find this code in the class file:

$sql = "LOAD DATA INFILE '".@mysql_escape_string($this->file_name).
"' INTO TABLE `".$this->table_name.

Add REPLACE or IGNORE keyword before INTO TABLE like this:

$sql = "LOAD DATA INFILE '".@mysql_escape_string($this->file_name).
"' REPLACE INTO TABLE `".$this->table_name.

Of course you should have unique keys on this table (or PRIMARY KEY).

P.S. I think I'll add such option to the next release of the class.

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