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not sure if

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Subject:not sure if
Date:2015-12-30 18:21:32

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Picture of Francesco Francesco - 2015-12-30 18:21:32
maybe I'm too ignorant to full understand why I should need this. is an array wrapper? some functionalities can be obtained with the already buildt array functions, I find it to be an unnecessary complication, but good job on exeperimenting, it's always stimulating and the best exercise.

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Picture of Eustaquio Rangel de Oliveira Jr. Eustaquio Rangel de Oliveira Jr. - 2015-12-30 18:52:54 - In reply to message 1 from Francesco
You can call it an array wrapper, but without all those kind of "guess what" on the parameters order, and working on a more functional way. To be honest, I find it a simplification. :-)

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