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batch processing

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Subject:batch processing
Summary:Curl has multi-fetch support
Author:Joe Fox
Date:2010-10-29 08:28:36
Update:2010-10-29 22:12:29


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Picture of Joe Fox Joe Fox - 2010-10-29 16:10:29
Whenever I've needed a quick and easy solution for parallel batch processing, particularly where I need to pull a lot of data through external APIs ( like REST or SOAP for instance ), I've found php Curl extension's ability to run multiple http queries in parallel via curl_multi_select invaluable. ...

While not fully asynchronous, data IS processed as it becomes available within the scope of any multi fetch query.

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Picture of Jaimie Sirovich Jaimie Sirovich - 2010-10-29 22:12:29 - In reply to message 1 from Joe Fox
Could this be combined with libevent? Or are they not filehandles?

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