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File: Advanced_examples.txt
Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Some examples with templates
Class: PHP Report
Generate Excel, HTML, PDF reports from data arrays
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## 1. Invoice example. We create excel file like template with formatting and placeholders for data. Some placeholders are static and some are dynamic, for repeating data. View excel template file for this example First, we collect some data: <pre> include '../PHPReport.php'; //which template to use $template='invoice.xls'; //set absolute path to directory with template files $templateDir='path/to/directory'; //we get some products, e.g. from database $products=array( array('description'=>'Example product','qty'=>2,'price'=>4.5,'total'=>9), array('description'=>'Another product','qty'=>1,'price'=>13.9,'total'=>13.9), array('description'=>'Super product!','qty'=>3,'price'=>1.5,'total'=>4.5), array('description'=>'Yet another great product','qty'=>2,'price'=>10.8,'total'=>21.6), array('description'=>'Awesome','qty'=>1,'price'=>19.9,'total'=>19.9) ); //set config for report $config=array( 'template'=>$template, 'templateDir'=>$templateDir ); </pre> Then, we export it <pre> $R=new PHPReport($config); $R->load(array( array( 'id'=>'inv', 'data'=>array('date'=>date('Y-m-d'),'number'=>312,'customerid'=>12,'orderid'=>517,'company'=>'Example Inc.','address'=>'Some address','city'=>'Some City, 1122','phone'=>'+111222333'), 'format'=>array( 'date'=>array('datetime'=>'d/m/Y') ) ), array( 'id'=>'prod', 'repeat'=>true, 'data'=>$products, 'minRows'=>2, 'format'=>array( 'price'=>array('number'=>array('prefix'=>'$','decimals'=>2)), 'total'=>array('number'=>array('prefix'=>'$','decimals'=>2)) ) ), array( 'id'=>'total', 'data'=>array('price'=>68.9), 'format'=>array( 'price'=>array('number'=>array('prefix'=>'$','decimals'=>2)) ) ) ) ); //we can render html, excel, excel2003 or PDF echo $R->render('html'); exit(); </pre> ## 2. Statistical report. Dynamic data consists of more than one row, with complex merging. View template file `<pre> include '../PHPReport.php'; //which template to use $template='stats.xls'; //set absolute path to directory with template files $templateDir='path/to/directory'; //we get some data, e.g. from database //function generates some random data function getData($n=1,$cols=array('A'),$rows=1,$c=array('Some country')) { //data is an array with 34 elements for each row! $data=array(); for($i=1;$i<=$n;$i++) { $d['country']=$c[$i-1]; foreach($cols as $col) { for($r=1;$r<=$rows;$r++) { $d[$col.$r]=rand(0,20); } } $data[]=$d; } return $data; } $data=getData(3,array('A','B','C'),11,array('Italy','Germany','France')); //set config for report $config=array( 'template'=>$template, 'templateDir'=>$templateDir ); $R=new PHPReport($config); $R->load(array( 'id'=>'v', 'repeat'=>true, 'data'=>$data, ) ); //we can set heading for report $R->setHeading('Report: Visitors in January'); echo $R->render('html'); exit(); </pre> View examples without templates